Ducati RT 450 ricambi e accessori
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Created in 1970 for the demanding U.S. market, shortly after it was offered even on our own, becoming an important figure in regularity competitions , also at international level.

It is equipped with single-cylinder desmodromic engine that offers good shot at low speeds and security against displaced and out-turns.

Because of its weight and its size, it is unwieldy in the most tortuous off-road but is at ease on the dirt roads.

Ducati RT 450 ricambi e accessori

“From a bath under the scorching sun to a passage in the mountains with snow in the background, our "R / T" has gone through the whole series of off-road tests. In sailing along a small torrent to test the qualities of impermeability of the equipment ignition and carburation.

The shape of the plastic tank and the the chromed lamp body are clearly highlighted by this part. The big brand on the tank wastes soon.
On asphalt the "R / T" shows good qualities of stability also traveling fast . The saddle is a generously sized single seater.

Above, two views of the "R / T" which costs 610.000 liras .

Two other details and, in the center, a detail of the main parts of the desmodromic distribution.


On the left, another time of our test, carried out in the Oltrepò Pavese. On the right, a small repair "on field". “

 Ducati RT 450 ricambi e accessori

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